Ouroboros Episode 1 Subs

Thanks for waiting!


A better-timed version will be coming out soon.  I just cannot look at these subs anymore.

Announcement: Subbing Ouroboros!

Officially announcing that I will be subbing the Winter 2015 drama “ウロボロス” or “Ouroboros” starring Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun.

Summary from DramaWiki:
“Ouroboros” is an ancient symbol that depicts a snake eating its own tail – meaning infinity. Based on a popular comic, a clumsy detective and a cool gang stand up to true evil. Ikuo and Tatsuya grew up in a children’s orphanage together. When their favorite teacher, Yuiko, is murdered, a policeman wearing a gold watch covers up the incident. Ikuo and Tatsuya promise each other to avenge their teacher someday. Twenty years later, Ikuo is a detective in Shinjuku second police station investigating various cases with elite detective – Mizuki, while smart and handsome Tatsuya has become one of the top members of a gang group. — TBS

“Ouroboros” will start Friday, January 16th at 10:00pm (22:00) and air on Fridays.

I will try to get subs released by no later than Wednesday of the next week.  I’ll post subs on d-addicts, here at Honey and Clover, and plotboxes over at LiveJournal will provide the DL links for the videos and the link to the subs.

I’m really excited about starting this subbing project.  I haven’t subbed anything in awhile, but my Japanese ability has improved a lot since then.  I hope you guys watch the drama and come here to flail with me after!

Ja ne!

A New Beginning…

Long ago, in the year 2007, one girl watched one episode of one Japanese drama.  From that moment on, she was hooked.

Welcome to Honey and Clover, version 2.0.

I’ve been through a lot of changes before deciding to come here and re-start blogging.  I started with a LiveJournal in December 2007 called Honey and Clover.  I began it just so I could flail about Japanese boybands and anything I liked at the moment.  I amassed quite a few followers, made some great fandom friends, and was even becoming what my roommate called a “Big Name Fan.”  It was all going good until I graduated from university.  Since then, I’ve been busy with a full-time job, and I’ve gone through a lot of personal changes.  I stopped watching dramas as much, and I have no clue what’s happening in the fandom.

But always, in the back of mind, I wanted to start blogging again on a larger scale.

I’m starting over, but I’m also continuing after a very long hiatus.

Let’s see how it goes this time…